Foot Damaged Caused by Ballet

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Ballet dancers are considered exceptional athletes; they’re not simply dancers; they’re athletes and performers. However, due to the long hours spent standing on their pointed toes, ballet dancers’ feet are susceptible to long-term injuries. Like other athletes, most ballerinas are tenacious and willing to push through the pain to give the best … Read more

Foot Binding – Chinese Culture of Small Feet

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During the Tang Dynasty in China, foot binding was a practice that is done to young girls. Foot binding aims to restrict average growth to a young girl’s feet and make them as small as possible. Back then, having small feet was considered an attractive quality even if the effects of this … Read more

The Best Shoes to Ease Foot Pain

The Best Shoes to Ease Foot Pain

Ever felt that your feet are always in pain? What about that persistent pain in the heel area? If you feel this every now and then, chances are you are suffering from foot pain, including plantar fasciitis. The latter is a common condition that causes a nagging, frustrating discomfort in the heel … Read more

Tips on Maintaining Healthy Feet

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Having healthy feet is essential, especially if you want to feel good and stay active every day. That is why if you neglect your feet, chances are it can lead to unexplainable pain and other foot problems. Do not worry because keeping your feet happy and healthy is not a tough job … Read more