Review: FootLog

Footlog review

If you have suffer pain in your feet the FootLog is the solution for you. This is a great tool to help ease the soreness and pain you might be experiencing in your feet.

It is a scientifically designed foot massager and exerciser. The FootLog was specifically designed to help you combat the extensive pressure your feet experience every day.

The FootLog can:

  1. Relaxes your muscles and joints
  2. Massages the fluids back into heart
  3. Stimulates the reflex points to reduce pain
  4. Exercises by moving the nerves & tendons
  5. All from the comfort of a chair

In today’s society as life gets faster more and more people are suffering from painful, uncomfortable feet. But we keep going and going and going—neglecting our poor feet, its known that this can lead to major discomfort and foot problems.

If your feet our aching or painful then it’s time to give them the love care and attention  they deserve!

The Footlog is great for:

  • People who walk or stand for long hours each day
  • Athletes who put tremendous pressure on their feet
  • Individuals who suffers from Plantar Fasciitis

The FootLog foot massager is a great inexpensive tool to help relieve foot pain.

All you have to do is sit down, take the weight off your feet and begin using the FootLog.

The FootLog not only massages your feet but it also improves circulation. Using the Foot Log just a few minutes each day will help relieve your aching, tired feet.

The FootLog is made of soft, flexible material that is lightweight and durable. The best part is that it doesn’t require any batteries or AC power so it’s always ready to be used anywhere and anytime!

FootLog Roller Foot Massager

Foot Log Roller

Slip it under your desk and exercise at work.

Maintenance for the FootLog is easy! Simply wash with a mild soap and let air dry.

Simple to us Footlog

You also won’t have to worry about whether you’re using it correctly because it comes with a 64-page manual that details its many uses and benefits.


Here’s what an owner of the FootLog has to say:

Last summer, out of the blue, when I’d get out of bed, it felt like I was walking on nails. It would go away after a few hours, but it was painful and strange. After researching it, I realized that I was experiencing

plantar fasciitis. So I was thrilled when I found the FootLog. I used it regularly for 2 weeks and I bought some insoles for my shoes and voila…the pain was gone. It hasn’t returned either. The FootLog feels so good on my feet and eliminated my pain. I’m a believer! –Paul S.

You can read more honest reviews about the FootLog on Amazon.

If you suffer foot pains you need this simple tool – and its priced so everybody can afford one!!! You know you deserve it order yours now,

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