3 Ways to Enjoy a Foot Bath

Ways to Enjoy a Foot Bath

In this hurried world, many people do not have the time to luxuriate in an old fashioned bath. Instead they take showers to get clean. Problem is showers make it more difficult to properly clean the feet.

Simply using a foot bath can ensure your feet get clean with the benefits of a bath.

Foot Bath Benefits

There are important benefits that can result from a foot bath, which can be

  • energizing,
  • relaxing and
  • therapeutic in several different ways.

One of the most important benefits of a foot bath is the ability to treat specific ailments.

A foot bath is also the best way to help feet that have become dried out and cracked.

Foot Bath Additives – Three Ways to Make Your Foot Bath More Effective

There are natural, essential and aromatic oils you can add to a foot bath. Some people add these because they enjoy the aroma produced. Other people believe essential oils can treat a wide range of human maladies. Some of the reported benefits of essential oils in foot baths are as follows.

  • Anesthetic – Cinnamon, cloves and oil of peppermint produce a relaxing, calming and pain relieving feeling
  • Anti-allergenic – Oil from chamomile and Melissa can relieve signs of an allergic reaction on the feet when added to a warm foot bath.
  • Anti-biotic – Garlic, tea tree oil and oil of thyme are proven to help clear the feet of bacteria and fungus. This is one of the most popular uses of essential oils with a foot bath.
  • Anti-rheumatic – Eucalyptus, juniper, lavender and oil of pine are reported as helpful for people with rheumatism pains in their ankles and feet.
  • Astringent – Cedar wood, cypress, frankincense, lemon and oil of yarrow are helpful in treating minor cuts and wounds of the feet.
  • Excessively Sweaty Feet – Oil of cypress, Clary sage, geranium and peppermint help cleanse and stop the propensity of some feet to sweat excessively.

Other Additives for Feet

Some people love to put small stones or marbles in the bottom of the foot bath container. Placing slight pressure on the stones or playing with the toes provides a relaxing sensation.

A mixture of Vinegar and Apple Cider helps treat plantar type foot warts. Studies by American universities has shown that repeated weekly foot baths with vinegar and apple cider eventually cause plantar warts to lose their grip on the soles of the feet.

Using Hydrogen Peroxide with a foot bath is the best way to disinfect cuts on the feet. The use of this substance also does a great job of overall disinfecting all parts of the feet.

Different Types of Foot Bath Equipment and Machines

Non-Electric Pan or Bowl

The general type of foot bath is just a pan or large bowl that will allow placement of the feet, or foot, into the water, without causing water to spill over the edge and onto the floor.

Ionic Foot Bath Machines

There are Ion generators that can be placed into water with the feet. These are said to do an excellent job of taking heavy metals from the feet and legs. There is a lot of debate about the ability of ionic foot bath to do anything at all. One thing that cannot be debated is that after a fifteen minute session with an ion generator, there will be a disgusting amount of coagulant in what was, previously, clear water. Continued treatments will not result in as much material, which makes sense if the heavy and toxic metals were taken out of the system at the initial treatment.

Commercial Style Foot Baths

There are also water pulse foot baths that are like a mini-jacuzzi for your feet. These are gentle,  soothing and relaxing and many people swear by their use.

The Best Foot Bath bath is simple and easy to prepare, it relaxes and treats the feet, body and the mind. If you never had a simple  foot bath, give one a try soon. See our recommended additives below

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